[SHOT 2018] OTIS Bore Stick

    Otis has one of the largest booths at SHOT Show so it is a little hard to find some of the newest products and which one of them has potential to be great. The Bore Stick is a long term storage solution to prevent rust and corrosion of your barrel.


    Here is a cut away demonstration showing a barrel spotted with rust. The barrel below it had the Bore Stick installed. both barrels were left outside for a couple months. Then they cut the two barrels in half.


    The Bore Stick in impregnated with a corrosion inhibitor called VCI. The end cap is shaped like a cone so it can fit a variety of calibers. They will have three distinct versions. Rifle, pistol and shotgun. You simply open the bag, drop the rope down the muzzle and plug up the barrel with the orange cap. Once opened, the chemicals will be good for 2 years. By then you need to replace the Bore Stick.


    You can write the date you installed this in your gun so you know how much time has lapsed.


    The Bore Stick will retail for $4.99 for a single stick or $6.99 for a two pack.


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