[SHOT 2018] Magpul Suppressor Cover And 10 Rd Glock PMAGs

    Just several days ago, Magpul announced their new suppressor cover. It was designed around the SureFire Socom suppressor. It helps keep to prevent the shooter from burning themselves in case you accidentally touch the suppressor. I was told the worst torture test is not full auto fire but slow semi auto fire with a shot every second. This allows the heat to soak more into the material of the suppressor. After 100 rounds the can gets to about 1300 F and you can still touch the suppressor cover.

    In Erik B’s article the suppressor cover is made of polymer. Since Magpul has their own proprietary polymer blend for their furniture and PMAGs, I just assumed the cover would be made of a similar material. It is not at all like PMAG material. It is a soft rubber like texture and material. It is flexible. What keeps its shape is a thin metal shroud similar to a heatshield.

    If you look below you can see notches at the end of the metal shroud.

    To install the suppressor cover, you use these metal clamps and attach one to the rear of the suppressor. Then slide the suppressor cover and index the protrusions on the metal ring with the back of the cover tube.

    Then sandwich the tube with the metal clamp on the front. The clamps are secured by tightening the hex screw at the bottom of the ring. Since the rear ring is tightened before the cover is installed it becomes more challenging to access the set screw. Since the cover material is soft and pliable so you just peel back the cover a bit and tighten up the front ring.


    Magpul has finally made 10 rd magazines for the G26, G19 and G17.

    If you look closely, the middle magazine is for the Glock 19. The mag body appears to be the same as the Glock 17 but the floor plate on the 17 is longer.

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