[SHOT 2018] VLTOR’s New 9mm gas-op OR blowback PCC upper receivers and other cool concepts

    Choose your own (bolt) path

    Stopping by VLTOR’s booth, they showed me a cool new development of theirs.  On the exterior, it looked to be just another pistol caliber AR.  VLTOR explained to me however, that their PCC MUR upper receiver has the capability to accommodate either gas operated or blowback bolts, depending on what the customer wants (even if it’s both!). The uppers feature a cam path cut that can be used when in DI mode.  The brass deflector on the outside is also attached via hex screw, and does not interfere at all with accessories mounted on the upper rail.    The example guns they had these on were configured as a 9mm PCC and an extremely compact 9mm “Truck Gun” pistol with brace.  Lowers and bolts were from Quarter Circle 10.

    The 9mm “truck gun” pistol. The gas/blowback 9mm is also available as a PCC

    The modular, removable brass deflector

    Another “Purpose Built” gun on display sporting a flame-themed paint job was a full size race gun featuring a 16″ Dracos Straightjacket Barrel, VZ Grip’s very slim grip panels and VLTOR’s VC-11 Compensator.  Next to that was a optimally-kitted out home defense rifle.

    The next product that was interesting was not so much the rifle itself, but the extremely high quality Realtree anodizing applied to their .300 Blackout Hunting Gun and attached Gemtech suppressor.  VLTOR’s rep explained to me that the anodizing on the suppressor held up to extremely high temperatures that can be encountered with high volume of fire through a can.  VLTOR will now be providing these anodizing services to various manufacturers.

    Guns for art’s sake


    Also seen were some great-looking “Theme Built” ARs.  Note that these are akin to art and should not be taken too seriously.  First up (and most eye-catching) was their “Lowrider” concept AR with a LOT of gold anodizing, and a grip made to look like similarly tricked out .38 supers in certain regions…Next up, we have a .300 Blackout “Snowflake Gun” with an 8.3″ barrel and LAW tactical folding stock.  Like many companies at shot, the receiver markings were a bit tongue in cheek.

    It’s very very special. I think it got a trophy just for showing up.

    When you need to “ice ’em”

    For everything from PKM receivers to free-float FAL handguards and SCAR accessories, VLTOR is always coming up with something cool.

    Rusty S.

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