[SHOT 2018] Nosler’s New Rifles, Ammunition, and Components

    I’ve been filling my freezer with help from Nosler’s bullets for a number of years

    That’s why I was keen to head over and see what the Bend, Oregon company had on tap for 2018.

    New Rifles

    For 2018, Nosler is introducing two new rifles in their M48 line:  The M48 Long Range Carbon and the 4th Edition NCR (Nosler Custom Rifle) in 28 Nosler.

    The Long Range Carbon is equipped with a PROOF Research Barrel and a Manners MCS-T Carbon Fiber Stock.  All M48 receivers are trued and faced.  The example I saw was in Manners’ “midnight camo” molded color, but I assume one can have other colors.  It’s a good entry into Nosler’s in-house lineup to compete with Christensen’s and PROOF’s lightweight long range rifles for mountain hunting where long shots might be needed.

    While the rifle wasn’t the lightest carbon fiber barrel hunting rifle I’ve handled, the trigger and bolt felt excellent, and the stock texture was very tactile and textured.  MSRP will be $2995.

    The M48 Long Range Carbon will be available in the following calibers to start:

    • 6.5 Creedmoor
    • 26 Nosler
    • 28 Nosler
    • 300 Winchester Magnum
    • 30 Nosler
    • 33 Nosler

    Further details such as weight for each caliber were not available as of press time.

    The 4th Edition NCR is a high-end, completely outfitted custom rifle envisioned to be ready to hunt immediately upon delivery to the customer (though I’d check the zero first just to be sure!).  Here’s Nosler’s copy:

    Bend, Ore – January, 2018 – Nosler®, Inc. announces the fourth installment of the NoslerCustom® Bolt Action Limited Edition Rifle chambered in 28 Nosler.  The limited production NoslerCustom® Rifle (NCR) presents an incredible opportunity of performance for the shooter whose passion for accuracy is equal to their passion for craftsmanship.

    The NCR is built on a double-square bridge, proprietary design action featuring unique integral scope mount bases that accept Leupold’s field proven QR™ (Quick Release) scope rings.  Nosler® has integrated a 3-position safety design and an adjustable Timney trigger set to a crisp, 3 lb. let-off. The rifle is also complimented with custom engraved one piece bottom metal and trigger guard.

    To maximize accuracy, the NCR action is precision CNC machined to extremely tight tolerances for the utmost in accuracy and reliability. Every action is blueprinted and trued after heat-treating to ensure perfect dimensions and alignment. The NCR action uses a heavy-duty square bottom integral recoil lug which mates with the stock for a uniform and consistent distribution of energy during firing and is mated to a hand-lapped, 26 inch stainless steel, match-grade barrel. All exterior metal surfaces on the rifle feature a CERAKOTE® finish that provides a durable black matte finish that is highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

    The NCR action is glass and pillar bedded to a Fancy-Grade European Walnut stock to ensure optimum accuracy from the free floated Shilen barrel and features a Rosewood grip cap and end cap. Twenty line-per-inch checkering on the wrist and forend provides an elegant, classic look that is as beautiful as it is functional.

    The NoslerCustom® Rifle comes with a Leupold® VX-3i 4.5-14×40 CDS Duplex scope fitted with a CDS dial pre-calibrated to match the rifle’s trajectory with Nosler® ammunition.

    This limited edition NoslerCustom® Rifle is shipped ‘hunt-ready’ with scope mounted, two 20-round boxes of NoslerCustom® ammunition and a leather sling secured in a military-grade hard-case manufactured by Pelican® for the fetching price of $4,495. For more information please visit www.nosler.com/nosler-custom-rifle-ncr.

    Bring on the ammo!

    Nosler has the following new loads and components for 2018, including bulk ammo cans.   (there’s a ton of new loads, so Nosler’s graphic is  helpful in this regard):

    224 Elephants in the room:

    Nosler also did not shy away from addressing the new competition for the 22 Nosler from .224 Valkrie.  I spoke with one of Nosler’s reps, and while he admitted that the 22 Nosler does have a shorter transonic range and prefers 1/8 twist rate barrels, he asserted that the 22 Nosler is a faster and flatter cartridge out to 1300 yards.  They had the following comparison table up in their booth:

    Trajectory (24″ BBL)

    Long Range Match Ammunition

    How does the 22 Nosler stack up against the standard 223 Rem and the new 224 Valkyrie? With greater case capacity, and flatter trajectory to 1300 yards, the numbers don’t lie. The 22 Nosler is still the fastest, flattest 22 caliber cartridge available for the standard AR-15 rifle.

    Rusty S.

    Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. Editor at Outdoorhub.com