[SHOT 2018] Elite Iron Revolution Bipod

    Elite Iron makes an interesting bipod on steroids. You will notice the legs are attached above the barrel. This makes for a more stable platform as the rifle is suspended under the bipod legs. The Revolution Bipod is an aluminum bipod with extendable legs and 6 positions for the leg angle.

    The legs are actually attached to a cylinder that can rotate around the barrel offering the ability to cant the rifle if needed.

    The front leading edge is knurled with an aggressive texture. This is for sticking into a barricade or other object for stability.

    Due to the nature of the rotating collar design, the Revolution Bipod can do things no other bipod can. Have you ever thought of inverting your bipod because the terrain required it?

    Until I saw this photo, it never dawned on me to invert a bipod and use it to cradle a rifle in the V shape of a tree.


    You can even use the bipod sideways.


    Here they had a simulated rocky surface and demonstrates how versatile the Revolution Bipod is.

    Unfortunately the bipod legs are not spring loaded. The catch is on the upper half of the leg so you cannot fully deploy or collapse the legs with one hand like other bipod designs.

    The Revolution Bipod is a bit pricier than other bipod options out there with an MSRP at $550 for the standard aluminum bipod. Elite Iron makes a panning version for $575 and it allows panning from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock.

    The aluminum bipods only weigh 24 oz and are rated for up to .338 caliber. Their steel version is for heavier rifles like .375, .408 and .416 calibers. It is a bit heavier at 34 oz for the long leg version and 31 oz for the short leg variant. It is only $595.

    Their .50cal model bipod weighs just 35 oz and has an MSRP of $650.

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