[SHOT 2018] What’s New At Samson MFG

    Samson has been developing upgrades for the S&W M&P Shield. You will notice it is sporting a compensator that they call the Pocket Comp. The comp is actually universal for any 1/2×28 threaded barrel but it is designed to match the contours of the Shield. The pocket comp has a unique mounting method. Rather than screw the comp onto the barrel and tighten a set screw onto the threads, it uses a thread protector. You screw on the included threaded protector and torque it down to 15 ftlbs. Using some sort of thread locker is recommended as well. Then the comp slides over the thread protector and the set screw tightens down onto it.

    They have also made a pinky extension that incorporates a subtle mag flare.

    The pinky extension requires you to only use the 8 round magazines. One added feature is that now you no  longer have to release or shift your grip to let the magazine drop. They have a +1 metal magazine extension that is contoured and has a deep front bevel for one handed extraction manipulation.

    Samson is well known for their handguards and took their SX series handguard and made it for .308 AR-10. It comes in either DPMS or Armalite heights and come with matching barrel nuts.


    These are Samson’s MLOK offset BUIS.


    Samson’s stubby VFG.


    At first glance Samson’s MLOK QD sling swivel mount does not seem to be anything special but it is made of steel and not aluminum.

    Here is their ultra low profile gas block. It is about the size of a ring.


    In fact I was able to fit it on my finger.


    Samson is making a low profile optic mount for MP5s. While this is still early pre-production version it is subject to change as they finalize the design. Right now it was made for a contract and they requested a rail like picatinny. But they may make a dedicated Aimpoint T1 type mount in the future.

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