[SHOT 2018] TacSol 10/22 9″ SBR bbl, 2211 Conversion Kit, & S&W Victory Barrel

    TacSol has come out with two new barrels and a conversion kit for 2018.

    They have a 9″ SBR barrel for a 10/22 Takedown. The Magpul backpacker stock led to the development of the barrel. Specifically when the barrel is stored in the stock, the barrel does not go past the grip. Of course it is threaded for suppressors.

    As you can see below, the short barrel is safely tucked away.

    The 9″ barrel could work on a Ruger 10/22 Charger although you would not have the same features without the Magpul backpacker stock. The barrel will retail for $315. TacSol will offer a complete SBR for $1105. That gets you the Magpul Backpacker Stock, the Xring receiver and the shorty barrel.

    Also new for 2018 is their Smith and Wesson Victory pistol barrel. Like most TacSol barrels, it is threaded for muzzle devices and suppressors.

    The barrel has a rail that is mounted to the barrel. It has a front fiber optic sight with the rear sights integrated into the back of the top rail.

    I would have liked for the barrel to have a rail on the bottom for lasers or flashlights. The S&W Victory barrel will retail for $315.

    I am most excited for TacSol’s 2211, a .22lr conversion kit for 2011 pistols. This example is sitting on an STI 2011 frame. Which is very similar to my STI Steelmaster. I never thought of converting my STI race gun into a .22lr practice gun. And actually it might be fun to shoot in Steel Challenge. My only cocern is that I have a frame mounted optic that is offset. So I do not know if the slide will clear the optic.

    The sights and optic rail are mounted to the barrel and does not reciprocate.

    The 2211 will retail for $475-$575 depending on which version you get. They will have threaded and non-threaded barrel versions as well as non railed sights.

    Nicholas C

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