[SHOT 2018] ODIN Works New AR Parts

    Odin Works makes some of the better AR15 accessories out on the market. Their extended AR15 mag release has put them on the map as well as their extended 9mm PCC mag release.

    This year they have branched out a bit and have made scope rings. They will come in either 30mm or 34mm. On top of that, or should I say below that, they have made scope risers and come in either 6 mils or 9 mils of elevation. That is about 20 and 30 moa adjustment for your scope.


    Odin Works is also releasing a safety selector which is modular. You can configure it for 90 degree or 45 degree throw.

    Due to it’s design you can even switch the selector switches onto the other side and invert them to suit your needs.

    The shape is actually very ergonomic and I found it exceptionally easy to manipulate the safety without having to shift my thumb too much like on a traditional AR safety.


    One added design feature is how one can manipulate the safety in a PRS style shooting grip. Typically your shooting thumb is on the right side of the gun. So now your thumb can manipulate the safety on and off with very little effort or movement. Below you can also see their newest version of their extended magazine release.


    Their latest handguard design weighs mere ounces. They eliminated some of the MLOK slots near the rear of the handguard and dropped even more weight from their O2 Lite handguard design.


    The final product new for 2018 is their blast jacket designed to work with their Atlas Compensator. Since the Atlas is modular you simply sandwich the jacket between the brake and the base.

    Nicholas C

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