[SHOT 2018] Manta Defense Machine Gunner Backpack

    Manta Defense has been making suppressor covers for the military and civilian market. You can light them on fire and they do not continue to burn.

    They even help with reducing Thermal IR signature. Basically the glowing hot suppressor is so bright that the night vision is picking it up but the one with the Manta cover is blocked. According to Cadex in Canada, Manta Defense’s suppressor cover adds a 2dB reduction in sound.

    Well now they are working on a military contract. Justin Coletti, head of Military Sales, was a machine gunner in the military. He helped develop this pack for machine gunners in mind.

    It is designed to carry everything a machine gunner or assistant machine gunner would need. It is essentially a 3 day ruck with added features specific for machine guns.


    The pack can store the tripod, 3day essentials, machine gun and ammo.

    The front has a compartment that can safely store extra barrels and can even handle hot barrels without issues.

    On either side of the front compartment you can access the spare barrels or insert them for storage.

    This pack accepts military standard medium ruck frame for ease of use and compatibility.

    This bag is still a prototype and they are considering adding a shelf just below this opening. When Justin was a machine gunner, he would use the Tactical Tailor ammo bag and it would fit perfectly in that space.

    The Tactical Tailor ammo bag is actually very helpful to maintain the integrity of linked belts while stored. Malfunctions often occur due to rounds shifting in the links. This bag prevents that from happening.


    Justin tested this bag by shooting a M249 and M240 700 rounds each and throwing the barrels into the front compartment. Then throwing the back into a car and driving off. Zero issues.

    The machine gunner pack is in extreme early stages so the final product will probably be different.


    Nicholas C

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