[SHOT 2018] Lone Wolf Short Stroke Gas Piston PCC

    Last month Lone Wolf announced their venture into pistol caliber carbines. Well, Lone Wolf showed off their newest Alpha Wolf Pistol Caliber Carbine and Pistol. The new Lone Wolf pcc sports a rotating locking bolt. They are offering it in a 16″ rifle length barrel or a 10″ pistol barrel. The bolt has a side charging handle for easier manipulation. It uses Glock magazines and has a last round bolt hold open.

    The upper receiver is monolithic. That section with the short picatinny rail is where the short stroke system is located. I am curious how this will perform. Since this is a short stroke gas pistol setup, I wonder how this compares to the SIG MPX? Of all the pistol caliber carbines that I have handled, the Sig MPX and the CMMG Guard 9mm are the softest recoiling of the all. So perhaps the Alphawolf PCC will be similar?

    Lone Wolf is also expanding their Timberwolf line of frames.

    1. Gen 3/4/5 slide compatability
    2. 16 different grip configurations
    3. The frames are offered in Full, Compact or Sub Compact.
    4. The frames can come textured or no-texture for ease of stippling
    5. Ambi Gen 4 mag release
    6. Lack of finger grooves.

    Ooh, very interesting. The frame is compatible with beretta and has a dust cover adapter. The adapter fills the gap between the slide and barrel in case you want to use a Gen4 barrel.

    That smal U shaped filler is for running a Gen 3 Glock slide. Remove it and you can use a Gen 4 slide.


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