[SHOT 2018] LMT Shorty 40 And LMT Suppressors

    Remember the cut down 40mm LMT grenade launcher? So it is real and it is here at SHOT Show. I spoke with an LMT representative and the reasoning and purpose behind the shorter LMT launcher was to save weight and be shorter. But for what purpose would necessitate those needs? The answer was “Door Breaching”. It was a specific request from door breachers. I am not familiar with the tactics involved with door breaching and I do not understand how saving 2″ makes a big deal when wielding a 40mm handheld grenade launcher. But it looks cool.

    Also new for 2018 is their monolithic MLOK upper receiver for their .308 rifles.

    They have made the lower completely ambidextrous. Notice the ambi bolt release/catch below.


    The ambidextrous design came from their 5.56 line of rifles.

    LMT has also developed a series of weapons for “confined spaces”.

    Below is the longer 16″ version. It used a compact adjustable stock and shortened buffer tube. The carrier, buffer and spring had to be modified to work.


    If that is too long, then here is one with their new suppressor is tucked deep into the handguard.

    This rifle is in .300blk and has merely a 5.5″ barrel. The suppressor does not even stick out of the handguard.

    Their suppressors will be available in .308, 5.56, and .300wm. They will retail for under $1k and they will have a flush mounted direct thread version as well as a reflex variant suppressor.


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