[SHOT 2018] Ghost Gunner 2.0 – Polymer 80 Glock and 9mm AR Lower

    Back in October we posted about the Ghost Gunner being able to machine pistol frames. They have a working setup for completing 1911 80% frames. The frames cost $120 and the jig is $217. The jig is machined aluminum and comes with the tooling that you need to finish it with the Ghost Gunner.

    Well now they have finished the coding for the polymer 80 lowers and working on finalizing the jig for them. The jig is milled polymer with some metal inserts for the internal probe to measure off of. The jigs will be around $150 with the appropriate tooling included.

    After you complete a Polymer 80 Glock you can then complete a 9mm AR New Frontier Armory 80% lower.

    The coding for machining the 9mm AR lower is done and they are finalizing the jigs. The next step is encoding for engraving. California residents will be required by law to serialize any firearm that have built from an 80% lower. Residents must engrave each firearm they have built and register with DOJ in California.

    I did mention that they should look into modifying slides. Cutting the slide for an RMR should be relatively easy the only problem is that the Ghost Gunner is only set up for air cooling and milling steel typically needs liquid cooling. If they could solve this problem then that would make the Ghost Gunner much more important to retailers and Glock enthusiasts. Pop a slide in and with a touch of a button, RMR cut.


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