[SHOT 2018] FB Radom and ZMT update-some rifles approved for US import!

    The M22 Beryl

    Sadly, the MSBS is not among them.

    Though the MSBS semi was present, it does not have its “papers in order yet…”

    7.62×39 MSBS was also present

    With that disappointment out of the way,  let’s get to the good news:  PGZ (Polish Armaments Group), which consists of FB Radom and Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów has a good system setup now to submit firearms for import approval, and a few have gotten approved!  First off from FB Radom, we have their M22 Beryl.  This is an all-metal gun in .22lr, with a proprietary magazine.  Pricing is yet to be set.  The gun seemed very well made when I handled it.  The semiautomatic pistol version of the PM-98 Glauberyt are being resubmitted for approval soon, as will be the semiautomatic version of the MSBS.

    Pistol versions of the M22 with 2 types of magazine

    Poor little subguns, waiting for approval…

    Big BOR

    From Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów, or ZMT, we have the .308 ZMT HS Hunting and Sporting Rifle and the ALEX-338 Sniper Rifle awaiting final approval for importation.  Both are bullpup configuration bolt-action rifles.  The ZMT HS is a civilian adaptation of the BOR-7.62, the main difference being that the BOR has an extra forward rail section and a fluted barrel.  The HS can use a 5 or 10 round magazine, and has a weight of 12.56lbs. The ALEX-338 has a 5-round magazine and a weight of 13.44lbs.  The fit and finish, and action function on both show floor models was very good, and the trigger pulls were very nice when I tried it.    ZMT’s WKW TOR-12.7 (.50BMG) is currently imported, but only for LE/Military sales.

    Meet ALEX…

    And BOR HS

    We here at TFB will keep you updated with any FB Radom happenings.  Best of luck to FB Radom in someday bringing the MSBS to market in the USA.  Personally, I’d like to import one of ZMT’s ZSU-23-4MP Biała SPAAG/M systems, but that’s just me.

    Perfect for a family outing to the beach…Zips through heavy traffic! (Photo courtesy of PGZ)

    Dziękuję PGZ!

    Rusty S.

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