[SHOT 2018] NEW B&T Pistols, Rifles, Silencers And Accessories

    If you follow my posts, you already understand my love for the guns and suppressors from Swiss firearms manufacturer B&T and B&T USA. So it should be no surprise that my first stop was their booth to catch a glimpse of what we can expect here in the U.S. in terms of pistol, carbine, rifle and silencer availability. And for patient buyers, I have good news.

    In this time of social media instant gratification, potential buyers salivate over pre-production firearm models but can get frustrated when exact timelines for consumer availability aren’t available. As such, there are versions of guns and accessories that don’t have hard and fast commercial release dates and I’m asking our readers for a bit of patience.

    First up is the new U.S. made VP9 single shot repeating pistol, a gun and silencer combination that has hard core fans chomping at the bit to own. Production will begin this year with complete packages of the VP9 pistol, wiped silencer and traditional baffled silencer available near the end of the year.

    Next, a collapsible pistol stabilizing brace for the GHM9 will soon be available. Buyers will get the mounting system and rails and will have to buy the Tailhook PSB assembly separately. Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) lovers will then have the option to turn the brace into a stock after the approval of their Form 1 “Maker” approval and tax stamp.

    The APC300 pistol chambered in 300BLK will be available soon. The look and feel is almost identical to it’s cousin the APC556. And speaking of the APC556, a 16″ pistol version will become available this year, allowing buyers to turn their B&T into a non-NFA rifle with the addition of a stock.

    The APC9SD will also become available this year. This integrally suppressed pistol has a ported barrel, and last I checked, will accept standard H&K MP5SD silencers (I’ll get that confirmed later today). Current APC9 owners will not be able to buy the upper receiver alone because, unlike the AR15 platform, it is the ATF controlled part.

    The TP9 will branch into two available versions, the first being the currently U.S. available pistol with a lower picatinny forward rail. As we discussed in December, the challenge of bringing to market the original TP9 design with a vertical fore grip revolves around U.S. importation laws prohibiting the sale of NFA items to civilians. The B&T crew worked for over a year to provide a redesigned model that will allow for the purchase and attachment of a VFG from authorized dealers once the NFA approval process is complete. Look for availability of the VFG model in black in a month or two.

    Related to the TP9, current owners of the once mount-specific silencer will be happy to know that a three lug adapter will be available shortly. This means the high-volume silencer will now work on other three-lug platforms like the MP5.

    Standby for additional B&T information before the end of the week.

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