[SHOT 2018] The Arex Rex Alpha and Rex Zero 1 Compact Tactical

    In this episode of TFBTV, James chats with Ryan Hicks of FIME Group about Arex’s new competition gun and a compact version of their very popular Tactical models.

    The Alpha is meant to be an out-of-the-box competition gun: It has a 5 inch barrel and commensurately extended slide, however the slide cuts are not for a compensator as it might appear, but, in fact, it’s a weight reduction measure incorporated to decrease the overall cycle time of the slide. The sights will be a serrated flat black rear with a red fiber optic front. The frame, unlike the standard Rex Zero 1, will be all-steel construction. The trigger is lighter and smoother than the standard Rex. The diamond plate grips are very aggressive, and it also includes an extended beavertail.

    The Tactical Compact is the smaller version of the Rex Zero 1 Tactical, which features a threaded barrel, suppressor height sights, and an RMR cutout, but in a smaller overall package.

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