[SHOT 2018] 5.11 Tactical Brings Higher Level Concealment with New GEO 7 CAMO

    GEO 7

    When it comes to SHOT Show everyone comes for the shock value of the guns that are announced, but be sure to stick around for the myriad of gear options, too. One company consistently strong in this segment of the market is 5.11 Tactical with their expansive portfolio of clothing, backpacks and tactical gear. So what are their new products for 2018? They have quite a bit, but the absolute headliner is their GEO 7 CAMO.

    GEO 7I know what you are thinking, not another camo pattern, but the one thing that makes a high curb appeal camo pattern worthwhile is when you back it with science. The GEO 7 CAMO should hopefully be superior to many of its competitors because it was mathematically devised to give you an edge – on both a macro (large scale) and micro (small scale) level. To expand on that thought, by engineering large regions of colors in the camo pattern GEO 7 disrupts the human form or outline at approximately 10 meters giving the user a tactical advantage. The micro level disruption of networking smaller regions of color breaks up the human form at roughly 25 meters which once again gives you the advantage.

    As a result of this multi-level disruption in varying environments you should have what 5.11 Tactical states is scalable concealment. Whether you are hunting or in a defense capacity such as our law enforcement, you should blend into your environment significantly better – regardless whether it is rural or urban.

    This new camo pattern was developed in conjunction with Veil Camo™ and is going to be offered in two different styles. The GEO 7 Terrain is more earth-based with foliage colors while the GEO 7 Night is darker in tones with a mixture of black colors. Both of these camo color palettes were produced by refining colors from specific target environments. By doing so, you have a better performing camouflage when out in the field.

    GEO 7The folks at 5.11 Tactical go on to describe the GEO 7 Camo in even better detail below:

    Offered in two colors, GEO7™ Terrain and GEO7™ Night, GEO7™ is a revolutionary technology designed using both fractal and chaos mathematical principles. These principles fuel the visual biases found in the natural world. This approach lends to the color and visual disruption which makes GEO7™ so effective.

    This new line of camouflage should be available to consumers in fall of 2018. You will be able to get Tactical Duty Uniform Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Hats, Plate Carriers and other gear all in the GEO 7 Camo of Terrain or Night.

    With many of the products not fully launched or available to consumers at this time, the MSRPs have not been openly stated yet. Once again, all of this should be available come Fall 2018.

    GEO 7

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