[SHOT 2018] Real Avid Puts the Hammer Down on Gun Cleaning

    Remember in Tim Burton’s Batman when Jack Nicholson (as the Joker) says of the Caped Crusader, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

    I’m convinced that Batman’s toys must come from Real Avid.

    I’ve been a long-time fan of the company and have carried their products in our retail store for years. In fact, my husband wears their molle-friendly AR15 Gun Tool Pro on his backpack everywhere he goes.

    So, when I found out they would be at SHOT Show 2018 for Range Day, I was anxious to see what wonderful new toys they were bringing.

    The folks at Real Avid didn’t disappoint.

    The front runner for my new favorite AR tool has to be the Armorer’s Master Wrench.

    Who Rules AR Town?

    The first thing I noticed is the big, beefy handle. You can tell that this wrench was made to be abused. It’s heavy enough to allow the user to get some good torque but well-balanced as well, so its easy to use.

    The angled area below the barrel nut wrench, made for muzzle brake removal can be used for either 5/8×24 or 1/2×28 threaded brakes.

    Speaking of barrel nut wrench, one side of the wrench is perfect for removing mil-spec barrel nuts, while the flip side is made for removing free float barrel nuts.

    Three Heads are Better Than One

    Perhaps the coolest feature in the Armorer’s Master Wrench is the interchangeable hammer head system. The various, removable heads are located conveniently in the handle of the wrench and come in 3 different materials: brass, nylon, and rubber.

    The heads can be popped out and interchanged at will.

    Hidden under the spare hammer head compartments, you’ll find torque specs laser etched into the handle.

    With an MSRP of $59.99, this must-have Armorer’s Master Wrench is one affordable, “wonderful toy” for any armorer.

    Rachel Y

    Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.