[SHOT 2018] Primary Arms ACSS Raptor 1-6x24mm FFP

    This is the first year that Primary Arms was at Range Day. They brought out a small selection of optics but the most interesting were their ACSS Raptor and ACSSTA31 Acog.

    The ACSS TA31 Acog is basically an Acog with the ACSS reticle. For those that are not familiar with the ACSS reticle here is the one in the Acog.

    Do you see the black torso to the right of the ranging tree? Just above its left shoulder is a plate out at 500 yards. That is the target I was hitting consistently until the wind picked up. Then it was a simple matter of kentucky windage to adjust for the wind.


    Dimitri Mikroulis is the wizard behind the ACSS reticle design. I was able to hit 500 yard steel with very little effort using the ACSSTA31 ACOG. While the ACOG is still a bit pricey at $1200 for a 4x scope, the ACSS reticle and decent glass allow you to see and engage targets at distance with ease.

    The really intriguing scope is their ACSS Raptor. It is a 1-6x24mm scope just like all the other budget level 1-6x24mm scopes but this one is first focal plane.

    The ACSS Raptor name is a slight jab at the Vortex Strike Eagle. The name is based on the F-22 Raptor which replaced and surpassed the F-15 Strike Eagle. The guys are Primary Arms are clever. The best part? The ACSS Raptor will retail at an MSRP for only $400. They will also offer up the Raptor with a 7.62×39 reticle that also works for 300BLK.

    One thing I noticed when shooting with the ACOG and the Raptor, it was much easier to see my rounds hit the dirt berm behind the 500 yard target with the ACOG than the Raptor. During the recoil impulse the Raptor sight picture got off target very easily and went black. The eyebox for the ACOG is bigger than the Raptor’s. Also under 1x power on the Raptor, the sight picture would be doubled when I kept both eye open. However once I shoved my face down deeper into the stock, the sight picture rectified itself and the image was seemless.

    There is more to come from Primary Arms and I look forward to checking them out out on the show floor.

    Nicholas C

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