[SHOT 2018] Phone Skope Skoped Vision

    Phone Skope makes cell phone adapters to allow you to attach your phone’s camera to an optic so you can view or even record what you see. Phone Skope sent out an email to media attending Range Day offering up free phone cases and adapters. When I picked mine up I saw something on their display table that caught my eye.

    The Skoped Vision is a new camera mount that allows you to see and record what your scope sees. Ok, nothing particularly special at face value but upon closer inspection you will notice that the phone is on the side of the scope. What does that mean? They are using a one way mirror to bounce the image almost like a periscope for the camera to see down the scope. If you have ever tried to film or even take a photo through your rifle scope, you will know it is not as easy as you think. You have to line up the phone camera just right while also finding the sweet spot for the eye relief. Just shoving your phone’s camera lens right up to the eye piece won’t work. With Skoped Vision you do not have to bother and just QD mount the camera to the scope. Also since they are using a one way mirror to bounce the image into the camera, this leaves the eye piece obstruction free so you can still aim down the scope.

    As a byproduct of the design you could actually use this as a rudimentary corner shot. I actually tried to make my own version of this a couple years back using an airsoft clone of the Accutact Angle sight. I used my iphone and a meopta Meopix adapter. I cut the adapter and bolted it to the side of the Anglesight. Below is an example by Military Morons. Although mine was attached directly to the Angle sight and he used a picatinny camera mount to position that small video camera to peer into the angle sight.

    Skoped Vision is a self contained unit that grabs onto the body or eye piece of your preferred optic. Typically you need some real estate for the Skoped Vision to grab onto. So obvious this would not work on small red dots but it would work on something like a 3x magnifier.

    The ski boot looking ratchet strap is what grabs onto the scope eye piece. Then the mirrored piece is mounted to that.

    As you can see the adapter is still in prototype phase as it is 3D printed.

    One concern I had was the fact that there is another element between you and the scope. How would this affect light transmission? According to the representative he used a prototype of Skoped Vision and shot two coyotes at dusk and did not notice hardly any reduction of his sight picture.

    Skoped Vision will retail for around $150 and they are aiming for a summer release possibly in June. I am excited to check this out when it comes out. I want to modify this and make it fit my PVS14. There are not many good options to record POV of a PVS14. Either you use the expensive TNVC Wilcox GoPro adapter or a DIY spy camera set up to look down the eye piece of the PVS14. The GoPro adapter is plagued by poor image quality and cut off images. The biggest problem is the wide angle of the GoPro and the fact that you cannot zoom in. Now recently the GoPro Hero 6 can zoom and that might alleviate this issue but I have had great success using my Meopix iphone adapter to film through my PVS 14. I just want to do that while wearing it and being able to look through at the same time.

    Nicholas C

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