[SHOT 2018] Palmetto State Armory 9mm AK-47 and MP5 Update

    Palmetto State Armory debuted their new AK-47 chambered in 9mm at the 2018 SHOT Show. They’re calling it the PSAK-9. The model they had on display was using MP5 mags but they are also going to release a model that uses Glock mags as well. They also have plans for a version with a folding rifle stock as well as a pistol version that will probably make use of one of the various pistol braces on the market.

    The PSAK-9 has a standard AK furniture set, receiver and gas block but it uses Palmetto’s 9mm barrel, muzzle device, bolt and billet 9mm magwell.

    Pricing or a definite release date wasn’t released at the show, but we can expect it be similar to the prices of their other AKs. Check out palmettostatearmory.com for more info when it becomes available.

    PSA 9mm AK-47

    9mm ak magwell

    PSA’s billet 9mm AK magwell

    AK-47 side rail

    Side rail

    AK 9mm Muzzle Brake

    PSA’s 9mm AK-47 muzzle device

    And because I’m sure there’s some interest after our PSA MP5 post from the other week, here’s a pic of their MP5 they’ve been working on. I tried to get more details out of the rep at the booth such as pricing, the receivers etc but not much was shared. They did mention it will be quite a while before they’ll be available, sometime around 2019 was estimated. What we could tell is the variant seen below will have a Tailhook brace.

    Palmetto State Armory MP5

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