[SHOT 2018] NEW rifles (and amazing new stocks) from SAKO

    Finland?  More like Win-land

    It seems every time I come by SAKO’s booth, I pick up a rifle that truly impresses me.  This time, there were multiple guns, all built around their excellent Finnlight II adjustable stock technology.

    85 Finnlight II, image courtesy of SAKO

    The 85 Finnlight 2 first caught my eye, due to the large square button set into its stock.  Pressing this button allows one to smoothly and securely adjust the height of the cheekpiece.  The button itself has a great feel, not too easily activated but not to difficult to activate either.  It is much easier than fiddling with a knob or bolt, and is tool-less.  When the adjusted part moves, it also glides slowly and smoothly.  It’s the perfect amount of effort to get the piece where one wants it.  I can tell the engineers at SAKO put a lot of time into perfecting this system.  Also with it being from Finland, I have no qualms about using this system in extreme cold temperatures.  The action is carbon fiber bedded into the RTM fiberglass stock.  The action and barrel come cerakoted.  The grip surfaces fore and aft are made of a very comfortable elastomer, as well as the cheekpiece.  MSRP will be $2475.  The Finnlight 2 is available in the following calibers:

    • .243
    • .308
    • .25-06
    • .270win/wsm
    • .30-06
    • .260rem
    • .300wm/wsm
    • 6.5×55
    • 7mm-08
    • 7mm mag
    • 6.5 creedmoor

    Hungry like the Wolf

    Next up, we have the awesome 85 Carbon Wolf.  This rifle is adjustable for both cheek rise and length of pull using the same great adjustment button.  The action is bedded into a carbon fiber stock.  The stock features Soft Touch coating.  Is is not at all slippery or loud like some carbon stocks can be.  The barrels are factory threaded as well.  Both the weight and the balance of the Carbon Wolf rifle felt perfect.  I may have to add one to my Finnish rifle collection.  MSRP is $3600, though, so I better start saving!  The Carbon Wolf is available is the following calibers:

    • .308
    • .30-06
    • .300wm
    • 7mm mag
    • 6.5 creedmoor

      Top 2: Carbon Wolf
      Bottom 2: Black Wolf

    I only work in BLACK…and also very, very dark grey…

    If one likes the adjustability of the Carbon Wolf, but likes the look/feel of wood stocks more, there is the new line of Black Wolf rifles.  They have broadly the same set of features and calibers, but with a wood stock and an MSRP of $2325.  All of the above rifles will be brought in through the SAKO “Select” dealer program, so availability may be somewhat limited.

    Someday I’d like to own some of these…

    Also seen:

    I did get to handle the Tikka T1x rifles, and I must say, they were very well built and balanced.  They seem a great value for the price point.  The fit and finish didn’t seem like they cut any corners on these guns.  The magazines were well made, and locked into place solidly.

    Hyvin Tehty, SAKO!

    More information on these new rifles can be found at SAKO.

    Author’s note:  I will try and locate the TRG 22/42 A1 tomorrow and get a more in-depth look at it.  

    Rusty S.

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