[SHOT 2018] Beretta 1301 Tactical Now In FDE And Aridus Upgrades

    Beretta brought out their 1301 Tactical but this time it comes in FDE and they have made some small changes to it. Check out Nathan S. review of the original 1301 Tactical to familiarize yourself.

    The most noticeable difference is the fact it is not black. They are using the same FDE polymer and coating used in their FDE APX pistol.


    The 1301 Tactical had a slight issue with its bolt release latch. If the rear of the latch is bumped it is possible to dump the shells in the tube prematurely onto the lifter thus causing a malfunction that is very difficult to solve quickly. Aridus Industries made a shroud to protect the latch and prevent this issue. Well Beretta has been working on updating their latch design and you can see it below. The rear of the latch is recessed to protect it from being bumped. This maintains the feature of being able to quickly empty the magazine tube when you want to.


    Another upgrade is the picatinny rail is now aluminum as opposed to polymer of the previous generation of 1301 Tacticals. The final update is that the new 1301 Tactical barrel will be threaded for chokes. The lack of choke tube threading was a big detraction for me and prevented me from adopting the 1301 Tactical as my go to semi auto shotgun.

    The black shotgun seen in the top photo is a 1301 Tactical that has been upgraded by Aridus Industries. The 1301 Tactical handguard is fine as a handguard but your options for mounting accessories is significantly minimal. Well Adam has been playing with Magpul’s Zhukov AK handguard after seeing the Vepr12 Zhukov handguard by @bkmiller556 on Instagram.

    Adam also added his CROM (Co-Witness Ready Optic Mount) with the new Haught rear sight dubbed “Rob Haught Mod”. aridus_industriesThe Rob Haught Mod is now available! Inspired by the preferred ghost ring setup of legendary shotgun instructor Rob Haught, this modified aperture allows faster sighting and a cleaner sight picture when using the red dot sight. The XS Sights aperture is milled, deburred, and parkerized.
    Available with new CROMs, or as stand alone aperture for existing CROMs!

    The last upgrade is the Magpul SGA stock. It attaches to the rear of the receiver with Aridus Industries using two way bolt.

    The new FDE 1301 will retail for $1375 and will be out later this year. In the mean time first gen 1301s have been reported to be selling at just $695 as Beretta is clearing up old stock to make room for the new ones.


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