[SHOT 2018] Aimshot Wireless Controlled Weapon Laser And Light

    Aimshot makes inexpensive lights and lasers for firearms. They have a new weapon laser and weaponlight setup that comes with a wireless rail mounted remote tape switch. I was intrigued by a wireless switch since the cables on tape switches have a tendency to snag on things. This eliminated this problem.

    The wireless tapeswitch uses RF signals to transmit a signal to the laser or light. You have both momentary and constant on buttons in the wireless remote.

    Their KT-810311G runs off of a single CR2 battery and you have the option of green or infrared laser. The knob adjustments are one click for 1″ at 100 yards.

    The laser is sitting on Aimshot’s QD Keymod rail. They are working on an MLOK version.

    Along with the weapon laser, they have a weapon light called TX890 and they are 500 lumens. The wireless remote control can not only activate the light but it also controls the brightness. You can infinitely ramp up or down the appropriate amount of light that you so desire.

    On top of their weapon light and laser they released their holographic optic called the HG Elite.

    The HG Elite uses LED technology just like Holosun. This one differs since there is an NV mode. When in NV mode, the HG Elite switches the LED from green to IR. This isn’t just a NV compatible mode. It is using an IR LED to generate the reticle.

    The wireless laser is perfect for rifle or pistol builds where wires may get in the way and snag. The onboard controls for the laser and light still work and override the remote control. The laser will retail for just $215 and comes with the wireless remote. The TX890 weapon light which can be purchased in white or IR light for only $159 also with wireless remote. The HG Elite holographic sight retails for $224.

    Nicholas C

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