[SHOT 2018] Strike Industries – STRIKE MAG and Auto Mag Release

    Strike Industries from Santa Ana, California, will have some interesting news to show at SHOT Show.

    Apparently they were a bit impatient before packing all the stuff they’re bringing to Las Vegas, so they made a short video and shared it on Instagram.

    Their description is short but accurate:

    We were going to wait until Shot Show but what the hell… STRIKE MAG and Auto Mag Release. Mag automatically drops when empty. Bolt will lock back. Patent Pending.

    As you can see, with this solution on the last round the magazine will drop.

    It doesn’t show in the video, but it seems that the final version (this is a prototype so far) will actually hold the bolt open.

    I haven’t seen the parts yet so it’s hard to judge how they solved it. I have to admit that (most of the time) my magazine changes are planned, so I would probably think I accidentally dropped my magazine unless I do a hard reboot of my brain and learn this.

    Cobalt Kinetics have a similar solution already, but it requires modification to the rifle. You can check out the Dual Drop here to compare it.


    Below: Strike Industries on Instagram: STRIKE MAG and Auto Mag Release



    What do you think? Is this something you have wished for and would like to install on your AR?

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