[SHOT 2018] Umarex .50cal Hammer Air Rifle

    Umarex is coming out with a .50cal air rifle called the Hammer. Yes .50cal. There is an assortment of projectiles this air rifle can shoot, ranging from 550gr all the way down to 200gr projectiles. They told me they have used .50 beowulf bullets as well as the ARX Ammo. To give you an idea of this air rifle’s ability, the 550gr moves at about 700 fps while the 200gr projectile screams out at 1150 fps. Pretty respectable and usable for hunting.


    This is a 300gr projectile.


    The Hammer uses these two round magazines. You actually get four shots with the onboard tank.

    You can also get this light weight 2lb spare tank for an additional $100 and if you recharge after every shot you can get seven more shots for a total of 11 with the Hammer. They are using a special quick valve system that fills and bleeds all in one.

    The trigger pull is a modest 3 lb but you can adust it via the side plate. The safety is that small switch stick out of the side of the plate.

    For added safety there is a hammer block at the rear of the stock. So you can physically block the hammer while say climbing a tree stand. There is also a magazine safety just in case you need and extra layer of safety.

    The force required to cock the Hammer is only 2.5lbs. They are using a new type of release valve so that firing the Hammer is light and easy.

    The barrel is similar to a .50BMG barrel with a 1:15 twist, .510 grooves and .504 bore. You can hit targets out to 300 yards but accuracy is 2″ at 100 yards so it is not quite MOA.

    The Hammer will retail for $749 but expect it to be around $699. I did ask how loud it is since I was unable to shoot it at the time. It is not that loud and while they haven’t explored suppressing it, it should be even quieter.



    I was able to shoot the Umarex Hammer the following day. The recoil is rather more than I was expecting. It is not sharp but it is a strong push.

    My friend Jim shot before me and was able to hit a 100 yard steel torso. The scope on the gun had a simple duplex reticle and we just held the point where the bottom vertical segment went from thin to thick. In the video above I was able to hit the steel target as well.

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