[SHOT 2018] ITW Nexus Introduces Improved FastMag Carrier, New QD Pack Strap Quick Release Clips

    ITW Nexus brought the companies latest version of their FastMag at Pre-Range Day, in addition to a pack strap quick release. Both products are distributed by Hudson 4 Supplies. ITW Nexus products are used in numerous tactical and even non-tactical products such as packs, plate carriers, and all sorts of other gear. The magazine carriers on display are dimensioned to accept both 5.56x45mm NATO STANAGs and interestingly 6.8x43mm SPC magazines. In addition, they also had 7.62x51mm NATO magazine carriers as well.

    Although not new for this year, the company was displaying some of the different mounting options that users could mount the FastMag, on belts, plate carriers, and really anything with PALS/MOLLE webbing.

    Notice the elastic straps on the carrier where a user can adjust the MOLLE/PALS positioning in relation to the layers behind them.

    Below we can clearly see the differences between the previous GEN.III magazine carrier on the left, and the newer version on the right.  Notice how the MOLLE/PALS rubber webbing is secured to the bottom of the carrier. The older version uses a clip that many users found to be very difficult to undo, which was improved in the new version that uses a sort of “Y” shaped rubber end that clicks into two divets on either end of the tab. 

    At the top of the carrier are these lips that dig into MOLLE/PALS and anchor the carrier to the gear. 

    One can also double stack magazine carriers on top of each other, but this can only be achieved with the rifle magazines instead of the pistol versions.

    The quick release pack strap is meant to offer a better alternative to the current QD pack straps on the market that can be hard to unclip when you need them to. These clips are designed to be pinched in or even squeezed together to release the pack strap.


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