More Magpul News! A Suppressor Cover

    If you own a suppressor I’m sure you’ve noticed two things. One, it scratches easily and two, they can (pun intended) get really warm even with a bolt-action rifle. The heat can obviously burn you if you touch the suppressor, but as the heat accumulates and rises in front of your sight you will get a very irritating mirage that distorts your view of the target. (Wind can of course help with the mirage, but not so much with your ballistics if you’re shooting long range.)

    Magpul has a new product and a solution to these problems: a ventilated suppressor cover.

    As usual with Magpul there’s polymer involved, in this case a sleeve overlaid onto a raised stainless steel heat shield that mounts directly to the suppressor body.

    Their design is optimized for suppressors with an outer diameter of 1.5”and a length of about 5.5″.

    It seems the Surefire SOCOM556-RC2 was the reference Magpul used. Expect other lengths to be released in the near future.

    Let’s begin with Magpul’s own words, and I’ll try to comment below:

    The Magpul Suppressor Cover – 5.5” is the first product of its kind able to stand up to the extreme temperatures caused by extended strings of semi-automatic and automatic fire and still protect the user against burns by keeping internal can temperatures at safe levels and cool-off times short.

    The Magpul® Suppressor Cover – 5.5” is made up of a heat-resistant polymer sleeve overlaid onto a raised stainless steel heat shield that mounts directly to the suppressor body with steel clamps. It minimizes heat transfer to keep external cover temperatures up to 1000 degrees F cooler than the surface of the suppressor by allowing high volumes of cooling airflow across the can, reducing retained heat and the damage it can cause.

    Our Suppressor Cover withstands USSOCOM suppressor abuse requirements and numerous cycles of suppressor surface temperatures over 1300 degrees F with ease, all while allowing you to sling your rifle without burns or melted clothing.

    The Magpul Suppressor Cover is also an enhanced thermal insulator and signature reduction device, which significantly mitigates negative visible mirage effects to the shooter’s sight picture, reduces external suppressor body impact damage, and lessens the chance of accidental contact injury or other heat-related damage to personnel or equipment during weapon firing or cool down.


    • Extreme temperature protection that mitigates internal suppressor temperatures to safe levels
    • Minimizes retained heat, allowing faster cooling than any other suppressor cover technology
    • Reduces thermal signature of host firearm
    • Mitigates mirage effects in sight picture
    • Two stainless steel clamps provide a strong, rigid and reliable interface capable of sustained firing sessions and rough handling
    • High temp polymer sleeve withstands brutal suppressor temperatures during extended periods of firing without deterioration
    • High strength corrosion resistant stainless steel heat shield


    Fitment for 1.5” outer diameter round suppressors with a body length of approximately 5.5” (not including attachment hardware/ interface) such as the Surefire® SOCOM556-RC2.




    Below is a video to demonstrate the suppressor cover.


    I think the $99.95 Magpul wants for this cover is way too much, but I’m sure it will sell anyway. OK, I haven’t seen it other than from the same pictures you just have seen but there are some hard competition out there.

    For instance, a Cole-Tac Custom High Temperature suppressor cover starts from 98 USD. I just bought one to review it for TFB. So far I have only used it a few times, but the quality is very nice and it seems to work as advertised. I also would prefer Cordura Nylon over polymer, and you can specify it they way you want instead of a mass produced solution.

    Manta is another competitor, but by first looks it seems that Magpul will leave them behind. Magpul has at least an advantage as it’s ventilated, not to mention brand name and marketing.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.