[SHOT 2018] Pepper Ball Flashlight Now For Civilians

    At Shot Show Range day, Pepper ball was showing off their paintball like guns. But instead of paint balls they shoot balls with pepper spray like material.

    Unfortunately these Pepper Ball guns are not available for civilians. However there is something new that you can own.

    The Pepperball Flashlight is like an AOW except it is not a firearm. It is a flashlight with an adjustable red laser and it can shoot up to five pepper balls.


    Actually pepper balls is not entirely accurate. They are actually starting to use a skirted projectile.


    As mentioned above the laser is adjustable. However it is only activated when the sliding safety is turned off. The safety switch cover reveals a red button on top of the flashlight. Meanwhile the button to activate the light is directly underneath the grip. Batteries are loaded in the front and the five pepper balls are loaded in the rear of the flashlight.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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