[SHOT 2018] Franklin Armory New Binary Triggers and 6.5 Creedmore

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

At the Shot Show Range Day, Franklin Armory had their latest toys out to play. Yes the new Reformation was there but that information will be coming soon in a different article. Let’s focus on the other products they brought out.

Franklin Armory has been been working with B&T to make a binary trigger for the GHM9. You may recall James’ video on the GHM9.

"Our triggers go to 11"

Franklin Armory has also made a binary trigger for the Remington ACR. I wish they made one of the FN SCAR. Actually the ACR should have been released last year but it was pushed back for the H&K Rollerlock Binary Trigger.

Both the ACR and GHM9 binary triggers run fast but they can have hammer follow like the BFSIII AR trigger. The only trigger that can not have hammer follow is their H&K binary trigger.

Franklin is also releasing a 6.5 Creedmore and 6mm Creedmore in their Rifle Militia Series using the .308 Rifle as a starting point.

I did learn that Franklin Armory is collaborating directly with CZ USA to make a binary trigger for the CZ Scorpion. No word just yet on when that will be released. They are also thinking about an AK binary trigger but again they are just floating the idea around. I did bring up the KRISS Vector now that Double Tap triggers has one. Unfortunately they are no considering the KRISS at this time.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Disqus_0jln85eNvY Disqus_0jln85eNvY on Jan 23, 2018

    The scorpion trigger is a great idea. Would it be possible for them to develop a trigger for the steyr aug or fn ps90?

    • Disqus_0jln85eNvY Disqus_0jln85eNvY on Jan 23, 2018

      @ Exactly my thinking.

      As for the AUG...I just think it would be nice not to have to cash in 30 grand just to fire rapidly...

  • Huh? Huh? on Jan 23, 2018

    Is there any way to not launch a second round when releasing the trigger with the selector set to binary? Returning the selector to safe or semi while the trigger is pulled perhaps? Or is this a "That's what semi's for, dumb***!"

    • See 1 previous
    • Bp_sti Bp_sti on Feb 01, 2018

      @Huh? Why is this always a question? Do people say "hmm. That machine gun thing seems unsafe. Is there any way to stop it from shooting multiple rounds when you hold down the trigger?" Yup, sure, put it in "semi" mode......