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    Kicking off my SHOT Show 2018 coverage is, of course, some suppressed fun from the team at Desert Design and Development – D3LLC. Their mainstay line is a set of GLOCK mag fed integrally suppressed ARs that feature silencers that are true to the MP5SD platform. So true in fact that they utilize the same mounting system. The barrel is ported to tame high velocity 9mm ammunition to subsonic levels and shooters can choose from a standard length rifle or a hand “K” sized PDW rifle. Both models are well made and very quiet. The D3-9SD can be ordered as a complete gun, complete upper or just a barrel/suppressor package to allow shooters to build their own rifle or pistol with a stabilizing brace.

    This year D3LLC is adding a MP5SD “clone” that has the classic look and feel of the real thing. Born out of the lack of availability of the iconic HK gun, D3LLC decided to build their own roller locked integrally suppressed SBR.

    In the precision bolt gun market, the Scottsdale-based manufacturer is producing the DEFCON 2SD Ti in 300BLK that promises sub-MOA accuracy with match grade ammo. The barrel shroud is made from titanium and currently features a fiberglass McMillan stock. As built, the rifle is a two-stamp gun, however, D3LLC can pin and weld the tube to avoid the SBR status. I was impressed with this setup as priced, however they are working on a more affordable version that will use a less expensive polymer stock.

    Last but not least is the DISSENT, a Ruger-based integrally suppressed pistol that is user serviceable. Buy a complete gun or send in your MKI, MKII, MKIII or MKIV for the quiet treatment.

    Details and specifications can be found below. For additional information and ordering, follow the links to the D3LLC website.


    The D3-5SD brings u back to our roots, the H&K platform. The popularity of the H&K MP5-SD and it’s iconic looks made it hard to not offer it to our customers. The D3-5SD is our version of the classic MP5-SD and all of it’s roller block glory. Made with all US parts and to OEM specifications.

    It will feature our DEFCON 4SD 9mm suppressor, which is a vast improvement over the original MP5-SD suppressor. It will possibly be the quietest MP5-SD you’ve ever heard.

    •  Improved DEFCON 4SD Suppressor
    • OEM H&K build specs
    • Includes one H&K curved magazine
    • Navy style 0-1 polymer grip or 01-3-30 polymer grip
    • Fixed stock or retractable
    • All NFA rules apply
    • Available: Spring 2018
    • MSRP: Starting at $3,599

    DEFCON 2SD Ti 

    Our integrally suppressed 300 Blackout bolt action rifle assembly. Actions are accurized and is mated with our All Titanium suppressor system. The suppressor is pinned to the action to make this a single NFA stamp. The baffle system is removable for cleaning. A standard spanner wrench is all you need to remove the cap.

    * Pinned titanium suppressor tube
    * Titanium barrel support and baffle stack
    * Titanium end cap
    * Extended bolt handle
    * Accurized bolt and receiver 
    * Ready to drop into your stock or chassis system
    * Build from a Remington 700 or Savage 10 series action

    Available in Spring 2018


    Stock, bipod, optic, and magazine are for display purposes only and not included.

    D3-9SD “Ultimate Urban Carbine”

    The D3-9SD, also known as the, “Ultimate Urban Carbine”, maintains the familiarity of the AR platform, the stealth of the H&K MP5-SD style suppressor, and utilizes the popular Glock 17/19/18 double stack pistol magazines. 

    The Glock Pistol is so popular with civilians, Law Enforcement, and government agencies. This carbine is designed to complement their existing Glock handguns and give them the tactical advantage of carrying only one caliber magazine and share it on both pistol and carbine. This allows quick transition from a sidearm to an extremely quiet and accurate suppressed carbine.


    The DISSENT is a Ruger MKIII 22LR pistol that we modify by adding an integral suppressor system.  By design, this pistol will take high velocity CCI Mini-Mags and drop them down to subsonic levels.  When using subsonic ammo, it’s ridiculously quiet.  While we suggest Ruger MKIII Target as the host pistol for better balance, we can build it with the lighter model 22/45 Target.

    Base pistol is parkerized steel. Stainless models are also available.

    • Barrel/suppressor Length: 6″
    • Finish: Parkeried or Stainless
    • Target sights
    • Optics mount
    • Barrel Diameter: 1.0″
    • Weight: 43.0 oz
    • Weight: 33.0oz, with the 22/45
    • Suppressor Interior: Aluminum/Stainless
    • Suppressor Exterior: Steel or Stainless
    • Serviceable Suppressor: Yes
    • MSRP: Starting at $1299

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