NEW Taurus 1911 Commander .45 ACP

    1911 Commander

    Taurus has had radio silence in regards to announcing new products leading up to SHOT Show 2018 thus far. It’s almost industry protocol nowadays to leak, if not publicly announce, your new wares before letting the media and public fondle them at SHOT. In a very non-theatrical manner, Taurus announced today that they will have a NEW 1911 Commander chambered for .45 ACP coming out at SHOT Show.

    Taurus did this announcement on Facebook with a video post and did not give us much else to go off of. The simple statement written for their Facebook video is as follows:

    Introducing the NEW Taurus 1911 Commander!

    The Taurus 1911™ .45 ACP Commander with its 8+1 capacity, has a shorter profile than traditional full size 1911’s with its 4.2” barrel but maintains a full size grip providing a positive grip purchase, making it perfect for carry, self defense or home use.

    Stick with our Facebook page during #SHOTShow for our Facebook Live videos, featuring the Taurus 1911 Commander and other new products.

    At the moment, they do not have a formal spec sheet given out to the public, a stated MSRP or anything else other than those few sentences and a silent video.

    By merely looking at a side profile image of the pistol, it is nothing too exotic from their current line-up of 1911 pistols and other firearms. It appears to aesthetically stay true to Taurus’ styling. Taurus does have an even shorter follow-up video on their Facebook page which eludes to the fact that they really want us to come visit them at SHOT Show. To not only see the 1911 Commander, but other unannounced products as well.

    We will just have to wait and see what is up Taurus’ sleeve for new products for 2018. Taurus can be visited at Booth #14240 throughout SHOT Show 2018 on January 23rd – 26th next week.

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