Gloria – The Rail mounted Spotter

    I’m supposed to write something here, but I’m kind of wordless.

    I was thinking of making a joke about getting a Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy for your Picatinny Rail, but I’m not sure it would work?

    I have so many questions, so few answers, about this product.

    -“I have a really expensive metal 3D Printer, so what should I make?”

    Apparently, someone in Japan decided to 3D print Gloria The Spotter, and make her Picatinny friendly.

    I don’t know if this “someone” is a bored scientist or just an airsofter.

    Below: Here’s Gloria, as mounted on the Picatinny of an AR15 KAC PDW. Nice view to have on your rifle. I wonder if she co-witnesses? “The hit rate might go up”, according to the maker.

    From the Japanese website that sells her.

    [New proposal of the exterior custom]
    Rail mount figure “spotter G”.

    Her name is Gloria.
    Spotter of the goddess that appear in front of the gun fighters hope the blow deadly.
    When you mount her on your gun, you might hit rate goes up.

    Material of this item is bronze steel.
    Chrome-plated style painting has been applied.
    We output in the 3D printer.
    Bolts and nuts shipped. It can be mounted immediately.

    I think Gloria is holding a Leupold Mk.IV spotter with 40x magnifications.

    As no magnification is allowed if you’re competing in iron sights or IPSC Rifle Standard I would think Gloria is only allowed in Open?

    Below: I think Gloria would suit any James Bond movie.


    You can find Gloria the Spotter for sale here.

    Unfortunately, it seems that Gloria in the material pictured is sold out. She was ¥ 6,000 which is about 55 USD. I would have bought one!

    But it seems Gloria is available in nylon too, with 30% discount – if you can figure out how to buy her. My Japanese is a bit weak.

    Eric B

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