Do You Want A Folding Glock 43? Because FULL CONCEAL Folded A Glock 43

    Before I start in on the announcement of FULL CONCEAL’s Folding Glock 43, let’s rewind a whole year where I met the FC team at SHOT 2017. I still didn’t “get” the folding pistol idea, but I could appreciate the passion they had for their designs. And now, here we are, on the virtual eve of SHOT 2018, and I’ve come to a dramatic conclusion: I may never understand the motivations behind building a folding glock.

    FULL CONCEAL has just announced the new M3G43 – a folding Glock 43. Why anyone would want to fold up a pocket pistol into a shape that is less useful, but also the same size as the original gun is beyond me. Way beyond me. I get the fact that it doesn’t pattern like a gun when concealed, but wouldn’t a holster be another possible solution?

    At an MSRP of $1,400, I’d rather buy two Glock 43’s, have a holster designer make a leather Yin/Yang-style wallet for both of them and still have plenty of money left for lights, lasers, mags and ammo.

    But I’m still looking forward to visting with the FULL CONCEAL team again this year because they seem to be genuinely nice guys and I still hope they prove me wrong. Details and information below.

    Full Conceal’s Folding Glock 43

    Folding Glock


    Las Vegas, Nev. (January 2018)

    FULL CONCEAL™, innovators behind the first concealable full-sized, folding semi-auto pistol, is previewing their M3G43 prototype (production in Spring 2018) their newest folding single stack semi-auto model at the 2018 SHOT Show, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 23 – 26, 2018. The M3G43 is built on the extremely popular single-stack, subcompact 9mm GLOCK® platform. Subcompact pistols are perfect for concealed carry, like the GLOCK 43, but one sacrifices round capacity and grip size. The M3G43 eliminates those issues. Unfolded, the M3G43 offers a full-size grip for a confident hold and double the original magazine capacity.

    Built on the ingenious patent-pending folding M3 platform, the M3G43 has the same footprint as a cell phone and can easily be carried in a pant pocket without printing or in any type of bag, purse or backpack. Completely reliable and quick to deploy, the M3G43 is the result of combining a new, factory GLOCK subcompact 43 with FULL CONCEAL’s innovative modification that revolutionizes the entire platform to a super compact, reliable, high firepower personal defense pistol with a total 13 (12 +1) rounds available.

    Almost all of the original GLOCK parts remain untouched during the modification, including the original factory firing pin safety and drop safety. FULL CONCEAL’s folding mechanism and folding trigger safety are the only modifications made that enhance the performance, firepower and concealability of the pistol. The thin metal trigger guard is contoured to reduce the gap between the middle and trigger finger, ensuring a more comfortable, natural and secure grip while shooting. The FULL CONCEAL flat-faced trigger promotes positive contact between trigger finger and trigger face with a break point right before 90-degrees, breaking just past 90-degrees, providing the most leverage at the break which increases shot accuracy and rapid follow-up shots, especially when under duress.

    “We are excited to introduce the M3 folding semi-auto platform to the subcompact GLOCK 43 model,” Mike Full, founder and CEO of FULL CONCEAL, said. “The GLOCK 43 is so popular because of its very compact size and thinness. FULL CONCEAL takes the subcompact to an smaller form factor and maximizes the firepower.”

    FULL CONCEAL M3G43 Specifications:

    • Base Model: GLOCK 43
    • Caliber: 9mm
    • Mag Capacity: 13 Rounds (12 + 1)
    • Height Folded: 3.25″
    • Length Folded: 6.25″
    • Width: 1.02″
    • MSRP: $1,399.00

    Learn more about FULL CONCEAL’s M3 folding semi-auto pistols on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See all the products at


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