NEW Strike Industries AntiVenom ULTRA Lubricant

    Strike Industries has introduced the new AntiVenom ULTRA gun oil. It is a heavy duty lubricant specifically made for the most demanding applications such as use in extreme environmental conditions, as well as in full-auto and suppressed guns. Here is how the new lubricant works according to Strike Industries:

    An ionized molecular complex bonds to metallic microstructures, migrates towards friction zones, and withstands high pressures and operating temperatures. A higher viscosity and film strength serve to increase surface tenacity and boundary thickness.

    And a short introduction video of the new oil.

    The optimal friction reduction is advertised to be achieved within the -60ºF and 550ºF temperature range. However, according to Strike Industries, if prior to applying the AntiVenom Ultra, the weapon has been cleaned with the AntiVenom XPLC (eXtreme Penetrating Lubricant and Cleaner), then the performance of the Ultra will be temporarily boosted to a wider temperature range of  -80ºF to 810ºF. That being said, Strike Industries recommends that combination for the best results.



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    As mentioned in the video, the AntiVenom Ultra is safe for non-metal surfaces such as wood and polymer. Strike Industries also notes that the Ultra is not suitable for use as a bore cleaner and recommends to use the XPLC for that application. To read the TFB review of the Strike Industries AntiVenom XPLC, click here.

    The Strike Industries AntiVenom Ultra lubricant is available through the company’s website at an MSRP of $10.95 for a 4oz bottle.

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