GREECE to Test the ADCOR Defense Adcor A-556 Elite Rifle

    According to a Greek website called Via Diplomacy, the Hellenic Armed Forces will test the Adcor Defence Adcor A-556 Elite rifles to evaluate the possibility of adoption. They have signed an initial agreement with Adcor Defense and Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. The former will provide six Adcor A-556 Elite rifles and the latter – 2,000 rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. The testing of the rifles will be conducted by the General Directorate for Defence Investments & Armaments of Ministry of National Defence of Greece.

    If the results of these tests are satisfactory and the Greek government decides to adopt the Adcor A-556 Elite rifle, they will start the process of arranging the manufacturing process domestically. Setting up the factory will require estimated €30 Million investment and 18-24 month of preparation time.

    Images by Adcor Defense

    Adcor Defense Adcor A-556 Elite is a gas piston operated AR-15 style rifle. According to the manufacturer, they have a truly free floated piston system which is built into the handgun and doesn’t come in contact with the barrel thus making it a more accurate gas piston operated firearm. The rifle also features an ambidextrous non-reciprocating forward charging handle. It has many other interesting features which you can learn about by watching the video embedded below.

    In addition to testing the AR-15 style rifle, the Hellenic Armed Forces have also requested an upgraded version of a current issue H&K G3 style rifle which is license manufactured in Hellenic Defense Systems. Reportedly, the upgraded G3 rifles will be ready for testing in February.

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