Unique Grips – Self Adjusting AR15 Grip

    You may recognize the company Unique ARs. They make custom handguards. Well, Unique ARs has come out with an interesting self-adjusting AR pistol grip. It changes its shape to fit your hand. You can reset it and change the shape for another shooter within seconds.


    The grip is made up of a series of overlapping thin plates that shift position to contour and fit your hand. You simply grasp the grip firmly and tighten the locking screw and the grip will retain its shape. Then if you want to change the grip shape you loosen the screw and the grip relaxes into its normal shape. Then you just repeat the process from the beginning to get a custom shaped grip to match your hand.

    This reminds me of Calculus when you try to approximate the area under a curve using rectangles. Here you are using thin rectangles to create a curved shape that fits your hand.

    The Unique Grip is a bit pricey at $95 on Unique-ars.com. I am not sure how well this system works. The custom shape is still a stack of rectangles and has not been smoothed out so there are some compromises. The tension screw is required to maintain the custom grip’s shape so if anything were to happen to it, the grip would no longer maintain cohesion.

    I do wonder if it is even necessary to tighten the screw in the first place. Just grasp the grip when you shoot. When you stop shooting the grips would relax and go back to its neutral state. How long would that last?

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