Canadian Compliant Gen 4 Glock 19

    Earlier this month, Adam S. reviewed the new Glock 19X. Well, there is some Glock 19 goodness headed up to our neighbors in Canada.

    For those not familiar with Canadian gun laws, there are three classifications for firearms. Unrestricted, Restricted and Prohibited. According to the RCMP website here is the break down of the three classes of firearms.

    Non-restricted firearms are ordinary rifles and shotguns, other than those referred to below.

    Restricted firearms include:

    • handguns that are not prohibited;
    • semi-automatic, centre-fire rifles and shotguns with a barrel shorter than 470 mm;
    • rifles and shotguns that can be fired when their overall length has been reduced by folding, telescoping or other means to less than 660 mm; and
    • firearms restricted by Criminal Code Regulations.

    Prohibited firearms include:

    • handguns with a barrel length of 105 mm or less and handguns that discharge .25 or .32 calibre ammunition, except for a few specific ones used in International Shooting Union competitions;
    • rifles and shotguns that have been altered by sawing or other means so that their barrel length is less than 457┬ámm or their overall length is less than 660 mm;
    • full automatics;
    • converted automatics, namely full automatics that have been altered so that they fire only one projectile when the trigger is squeezed; and
    • firearms prohibited by Criminal Code Regulations.

    Rifles must have an 18.5″ long barrel to remain unrestricted. Remember the X95 that was approved for Canadian sales?

    Handguns must be over a certain length. If the gun is too small it falls under the prohibited classification.

    Well, Glock has now made a Compliant Gen 4 Glock 19 for the Canadian market.


    Canada limits pistol magazines to just 10 rounds. But it is the barrel that is most interesting. If you look at the photos above, the barrel protrudes just a bit out of the front of the slide. Typical Gen4 G19 barrels are only 102mm in length which would typically put it in the prohibited class. So Glock makes a slightly longer barrel for the Canadian market. Also, you will notice the slide has an iconic maple leaf silhouette lasered on the side of the slide.

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