NEW! GlockStore Exclusive 80% GLOCK 43 Frame

    GlockStore has announced the launch of a new 80% Glock 43 frame. The new frame is called SS80. It comes with the fixture and tools to complete it. The SS80 frame will be exclusively distributed by

    As you have noticed, this frame has a has different appearance compared to the factory Glock 43. It has a different grip texture and double undercut trigger guard. Other differences are the extended slide rails and the slightly extended beaver tail. The 80% frame also comes with the locking block and separate rear rail insert. It has a blank serial number panel and it can be built into a complete firearm using standard Glock 43 parts. According to GlockStore, the polymer this frame is made of has an advantage of dampening the felt recoil.

    In order to make a functional frame out of the 80% one, you need to drill the pin holes and remove some excess material inside the dust cover and in rails area. Basically, it can be accomplished with hand tools, however, having at least a Dremel tool, drill and vice will make the process much faster and easier.


    Lenny Magill, the founder of GlockStore, has published a 3-part video where he discusses the features of this new frame as well as shows how to complete the frame and assemble it with Glock 43 parts. You can find these videos embedded below.

    This 80% frame is offered only with a black color option. Right now it is available for pre-order at $129.99 with the deliveries estimated to start mid-March 2018.

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