1911 Maker Cabot acquires Alchemy Custom Weaponry, TFB Production Sneak Peak

    Cabot, most famous for crafting a matching pair of 1911s from a meteorite has released a press release detailing the company’s acquisition and future production of Alchemy Custom Weaponry, a small but specialized handcrafted 1911 manufacturer. Alchemy Custom Weaponry was started and still currently has Rob Schauland as the head manager of the company he started in Illinois in 2011. Through the merger, he now heads up Cabot’s manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From the press release-

    We acquired Alchemy Custom Weaponry in 2016 for the purpose of bringing legendary 1911 gunsmith Rob Schauland into the Cabot family, said Robert Bianchin, President of Cabot Guns. “The construction approach of the ACW pistols is quite distinct from Cabot Guns. It uses the time-honored method of traditional hand fitting and artisan gunsmithing techniques. The pistols are hand crafted at our facility by elite gunsmiths and each model is designed by Rob Schauland himself.”

    [The handguns] are tuned for total reliability and dehorned for carry. Each model features a tuned and polished extractor, high grip modification and drill steel pin sets. A lower and flared ejection port smooths the firing process. Other features include a polished feed ramp, throated barrel and hand-polished ignition components. ACW 1911s offer an accuracy guarantee of 1 inch at 25 yards.

    ACW 1911s will be on display at SHOT Show in Las Vegas at the Sands Convention Center from January 23 to 28, 2018, at the Cabot Guns exhibit at Booth 508.

    Cabot wants to bring a product line in the mid 2,000 dollar range that hopes to compete with the usual high-end custom 1911 companies such as Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Ed Brown and Nighthawk Custom to name a few. Currently, the handguns that Cabot produces are upwards of 4,000 dollars and really do border on being “Bespoke” 1911 handguns. As a clear example, the meteorite 1911s sold for 4.5 million dollars last year. Although for some folks this isn’t a financial burden, the rest of us can still appreciate a 1911 that we don’t have to sell our first born for. Another one is the Cabot Trump 45 that the company came out with as well.

    Myself and fellow TFB writer Nick Chen were able to get some hands on the Alchemy Custom line at the Cabot facility in Pennslyvania. There are three models, a full size 5-inch barrel Government size “Prime”, Commander size “Anomaly”, and a CCW model, the “Brimstone”.


    Commander sized “Anomoly”.

    Government model “Prime”


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