Strange Inheritance On FOX Business: Antique Weapon Collection


    Tomorrow night on the FOX Business Network, the second episode of the new season of Strange Inheritance features a massive collection of military weapons passed down to two Oregon brothers. Primitive firearm collectors and history buffs can check out the ‘Cannon Father’ episode at 9PM.


    Season Kicks Off Monday at 9PM/ET with All-New Episodes “Lost Rembrandt” and “Nat Turner’s Bible”

    FOX Business Network (FBN) will kick off the fourth season of hit primetime reality series Strange Inheritance on Monday, January 15th at 9PM/ET. Hosted by Jamie Colby, the series will debut with a special two-day premiere featuring back-to-back episodes on both Monday and Tuesday, January 16th. These episodes are part of a series which chronicles the stories of unique inheritances from people and places across the country.

    In the first half-hour installment, entitled “Lost Rembrandt,” three sons discover the painting that once hung in their parents’ New Jersey dining room is a long-lost work by the 17th century Dutch master artist Rembrandt van Rijn. In the following episode, entitled “Nat Turner’s Bible,” Colby features the story of Nat Turner as he led the 1832 slave rebellion, and a Virginia family who inherited Turner’s bible as they decide what to do with the family heirloom.

    The premiere week continues on Tuesday, January 16th with two additional new episodes debuting back-to-back beginning at 9PM/ET. The first, entitled “Our Town,” details the story of siblings who inherited an entire Pennsylvania company town. At 9:30PM/ET, “Cannon Father” shares the tale of two Oregon brothers who inherit their gunsmith father’s massive arsenal of vintage military weapons dating back to the Revolutionary War.

    Over the course of the series, Colby has crisscrossed the country, traveling to 38 states and spending over 300 days a year filming. This year, over a third of all the stories featured are from viewer submissions, including a 60,000 piece hand-made toy circus, more than 100 miniature Bibles that landed on the moon, an astrodome railroad car, and Harry Houdini’s jewel-encrusted pin.

    Additionally, this season will dive into the story of a man who inherited a long-lost Norman Rockwell painting worth over $15 million. Following Colby’s visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum, the museum’s Deputy Director tells Colby that “Strange Inheritance…like Rockwell’s art, provides a deep look into humanity and into the essential goodness of people whose lives take uniquely different turns…which brings us back to our basic sense of humanity and connectivity, much needed in challenging times.”
    Strange Inheritance first debuted in January 2014 and was one of the highest rated programs in network history at the time of launch. Since then, Colby’s connection with viewers and always fascinating storylines have made it one of the highest rated original entertainment programs on FBN.


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