Savage Arms’ NEW AccuFit System Shoots to Fit Every Shooter

    Savage Arms first flipped the world of rifles on its head when it introduced its AccuTrigger. Then, it followed up with an AccuStock which was a tremendous improvement over basic synthetic, factory stocks for rifles. The 3rd trick up their sleeve?… The AccuFit System.

    The AccuFit system is a modifiable comb height and length-of-pull system adapted to the rear of their Model 110 rifles. You get 4 Length-of-Pull inserts to adjust it personally for your fit as well as 5 Comb Height inserts. Between those pieces, there are 20 options or configurations that consumers can create to get their Model 110 to fit them just right.

    Beth Shimanski, Savage Arms Senior Marketing Manager, storied how the AccuFit system came to fruition in the Model 110 rifle:

    The conversation started with style and aesthetics. Everyone agreed we needed to freshen up the Model 110. As we got further into the process, however, we started thinking a lot more about the individual shooter—what their unique needs are and what drives them to ultimately go to a gunsmith. That’s when we decided to really raise the bar and make the gun fit better too, and the AccuFit system was born.

    To install and modify your rifle for the AccuFit system, it is pretty intuitive. To make it a no-brainer though, Savage Arms has a simple instruction video for that as well. As long as you have a Phillips-head screwdriver, you are in business to adjust and fit your rifle.

    This new AccuFit system will be utilized on lots of existing models within the 110 Series as well as brand new ones not seen before by consumers.

    Look for a future article very soon by TFB to cover all of the announced Model 110 rifles that will have this new adjustable stock system on it.

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