Remington’s new Precision Chassis Rifle – The Model 700 PCR

    Welcome Remington!  Precision bolt-action rifles like the Ruger Precision Rifle, the Tikka T3x TAC A1 and others have been waiting for you! You have to love competition!

    TFB’s Pete have us a hint of what was going to happen recently, there is now more information on the Remington 700 PCR.

    The starting price is 1,199 USD (MSRP), which is going to give the competitors a serious match.

    Below: Note that the Picatinny rail is fairly short, this could pose a potential problem for certain optics, mounts and accessories. Also, the rails seems to sit a bit high which could pose a problem. The handguard is removable and SquareDrop and KeyMod compatible.

    The Ruger is listed at 1,599 USD at the moment, quite a difference. Not to mention the Tikka T3x TAC A1.

    Remington chose to use (mass produced) Magpul furniture instead of developing their own. Probably a wise choice. Good stuff at for the right price, but yoou have got to ask yourself how the ergonomics are going to work? It has to be tried to know, so this is an uncertainty. The chassis is teflon coated anodized aluminum.

    Also, thanks to Remington that the 700 PCR accepts Magpul magazines.

    Remington Model 700 PCR, as described by Remington:


    More than a rifle, a fully optimized system that’ll stretch your effective range and shrink your groups like no other production rifle in the world today.

    The all-new Model 700 PCR (Precision Chassis Rifle) pairs the strongest action ever conceived – our legendary Model 700 – with an exclusive aircraft- grade aluminum alloy chassis of unmatched rigidity and atmospheric immunity to create the most stable and consistent platform possible for launching long- distance shots.

    It’s a potent combination made even more effective with a host of accurizing upgrades that include a 24” barrel with 5R rifling, free-floated in an aluminum handguard, plus a completely user-configurable Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock for the ultimate in comfort from any shooting position.

    Its sub-MOA accuracy is confirmed using our advanced CATS (Computer Aided Targeting System) before it ever gets to you. But the best part is confirming
its tack-driving superiority for yourself. Available in three popular long-range chamberings including 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win, and 260 Remington.



    • Remington Chassis

    • 24” barrel with 5R rifling

    • Threaded muzzle with protector

    • Tactical bolt knob, for swift, positive cycling

    • X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger

    • Aluminum handguard with SquareDrop

    • Picatinny rail

    • 5-round Magpul detachable magazine

    • Adjustable Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock

    • Magpul pistol grip

    • 3-shot sub-MOA assurance

    Available Calibers & Barrel Lengths:
    260 Remington 24″
    6.5 Creedmoor 24″
    308 Win 24″

    Furthermore, Remington guarantees sub-MOA accuracy. For three shots. Good enough for me.

    EVERY MODEL 700 PCR’s SUB-MOA ACCuracy is confirmed using our advanced computer aided targeting systems (CATs).

    Using a series of four microphones that isolate the shockwave of each bullet in a three-shot test group, our computerized system triangulates the exact position of the projectile, plots the coordinates and measures the distance between each shot with unmatched precision.

    This is the same system used to confirm the accuracy of Remington Defense sniper rifles currently serving in theatres worldwide. By removing the human element, this process delivers unwaveringly precise and repeatable results. A printed copy of each Model 700 PCR’s CATS accuracy test is included in the box before it leaves our engineers’ hands.


    Below: Not sure how this will come out as a picture, but trying to list the 700 PCR specs:


    You can check Remington’s homepage here, direct link to the rifle.

    I’m an optimist, I like what I see and my old 700 worked just fine before I replaced it. However one friend replied “…same shitty action now in silly form. Look how low pistol grip is related to the trigger.

    Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

    Eric B

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