The Elephant Gun by John Rigby & Co.

    Almost every single exposed metal part of this Rigby rifle is hand engraved with elephant skin pattern – even the barrel! It is not anything common to see an engraved barrel even among such high-end bespoke rifles. It is so beautifully engraved that it seems to be made by an alchemist who found a way to turn the elephant skin into steel.

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    John Rigby & Co. calls this rifle the “Elephant Gun”. The name not only suggests the engraving pattern but also the purpose of this rifle – African dangerous game hunting. The rifle is chambered in .450 Rigby.

    The company defines this work of art as one of their “most spectacular rifles of 2017”. This is a Rigby London Best bolt action rifle which is based on the popular Mauser action.

    The Elephant rifle was hand engraved by British master engraver Tony Maidment. It took him 2,000 hours to finish the engraving on this rifle. As the engraver himself said, there are over 100,000 elephant skin pores engraved on the rifle.

    Here is also a video published by John Rigby and Co. telling about how this rifle was made.

    This rifle was first displayed at Safari Club International Convention (SCI) held in February 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was sold at an undisclosed price.

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