POTD: The ATF Is Always Watching


    This is rather funny. Someone took an ATF Guy patch and placed it behind their machine gun NFA lower. For those not familiar with full auto AR-15/M-16, the ATF Guy is peeking through the third pin hole for the auto sear.

    Where did the patch come from? It was made by -300BlackoutDrunk- on Reddit. Here is the photo he posted of the patch.

    The original post on reddit is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/weekendgunnit/comments/7p5pa9/someone_look_at_this/ and belongs to /u/autosear.



    Do you know your ATF Guy Meme?

    For context here is the ATF Guy meme. As you can see from the image below, the ATF Guy head is used repeatedly peeking over a wall. Just like the patch looking through the third pin hole, here is the recurring idea that the ATF is always watching us.

    But where did the ATF Guy head actually come from?

    The ATF Guy head is from this cartoon image but where did these images come from?


    Can you believe it? The ATF Guy is actually Peter Parker reading a book from the 1967 Spider-Man Cartoon? The hat was merely a clever photoshop job.