Federal Premium Partners with USPSA to Launch NEW Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition

    Syntech Action Pistol

    Federal Premium has tweaked the secret sauce on their recipe for Syntech ammunition to better suit competition shooters. They have paired up with the USPSA to design Syntech Action Pistol. This flavor of ammunition employs a Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) bullet in more reliable grain weights for knocking down steel targets. It also has a flat point to the TSJ as opposed to the traditional conical or round tip found on standard Full-Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds.

    John Swenson, Federal Premium Handgun Ammunition Design Engineer, had a lot to say about this new offering of Syntech Action Pistol ammunition by Federal Premium:

    Syntech Action Pistol utilizes all the same technology as the standard Syntech ammunition but is tailored specifically to the competitive pistol application. During extended matches, the reduced fouling and cooler gun temperatures allow competitors to keep their focus on their performance and the match rather than equipment maintenance.

    Reduced recoil in time-sensitive events means less muzzle rise and less time required for follow-up shots. That means more consistent hits and lower stage-completion times.

    Syntech Action Pistol offers even better performance for competitive handgunners.

    It features the same TSJ but is loaded to competition power-factor requirements. Its heavy, flatter-nose bullets provide more reliable knock-downs on steel targets in competition and drastically reduce splash-back.

    Until the creation of Syntech Action Pistol, reloading was the preferred way to meet these needs.

    With our factory-loaded ammunition, shooters have a simple, convenient and better solution.

    Syntech Action Pistol

    Team Federal Premium shooter Casey Reed using Syntech Action Pistol ammunition in competition

    This ammunition appears to have a lot of positive benefits on paper. Initially, it will be offered in 3 different calibers with one grain weight choice for each.

    • 9mm Luger 150-grain Syntech Action Pistol | AE9SJAP1 | MSRP $18.95
    • .40 S&W 205-grain Syntech Action Pistol | AE40SJAP1 | MSRP $24.95
    • .45 Auto 220-grain Syntech Action Pistol | AE45SJAP1 | MSRP $30.95

    The MSRP of this new assortment of ammo appears to be pretty steep. Although, most MSRP pricing is always high of what it should sell for in a traditional market these still will likely sell at above-average, range ammo prices.

    If you happen to be in attendance at SHOT Show, you can visit Federal Premium and see this new ammunition first-hand at Booth #14551.

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