Republic Forge Transfers Owners, Relocates to New Mexico

    Republic Forge, a Perryton, Texas-based manufacturer of 1911s in various configurations has recently announced that the company has transferred ownership to an undisclosed private equity group. Along with the transfer of ownership, Republic Forge is also moving to the great state of New Mexico, specifically to the city of Los Ranchos. The company’s Master Gunsmith, Jeff Meister, is moving with the company along with all of the assets, and manufacturing equipment.

    From the release-

    Los Ranchos, New Mexico, Dec 31th -Republic Forge was bought by a private equity group based in New Mexico and was relocated to New Mexico as of January 1st, 2018. Current inventory of pistols are available immediately and full production will resume February 1st.

    Robert Maw, President of Republic Forge said, “As a lifelong owner and collector of rare and interesting 1911’s, I am excited to take the reins of Republic Forge and expand our growth in the coming years. Republic Forge pistols have always been my favorite modern 1911, with unmatched quality. Each pistol is hand built and tuned by Master Gunsmith Jeff Meister making them the finest.

    Republic Forge first opened up their doors to the 1911 world in 2014 and quickly found prominence in a number of circles, even being featured in American Rifleman as a review in 2016. We at TFB have covered their “Ted Nugent” edition 1911, in addition to even reviewing a 10mm long slide variant from them. The company takes great pride in forging their frames and slides, then hand-fitting parts together. It has a number of caliber offerings, from various calibers in .38 Super to .45 ACP and even 10mm Auto. different configurations such as standard, Commander style, long slides, and others.

    During the transition, inventory is still available, though new manufacturing will not begin until February 1st.  You can check current inventory at (a local shop handling stock during the transition).


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