POTD: Ammo Shopping in California – Part 2

    ammo shopping

    California is at it again with their restrictive gun laws, this time around it’s regarding ammunition sales. In case you missed our post about Walmart ceasing ammo sales temporarily, the new law requires residents to purchase ammo only from retailers or dealers licensed to sell ammo by the CA Department of Justice.

    But wait, there’s more! A Redditor in the r/CAguns section posted the sad picture above taken at a gun shop in California showing all ammo behind a locked fence. What’s up with the ammo dog kennel? California’s new law also says ammo must be locked up and customers cannot handle ammo unattended. If a customer wants to buy ammo only an employee with a certificate of eligibility from the Department of Justice can handle the ammo.

    If you usually buy ammo online in bulk like I’m sure most gun owners do these days that’s off the table too, unless you ship it to an approved dealer. That may incur additional fees as well. Thinking of making a trip out of state to load up on ammo? If you get caught it’s a misdemeanor charge.

    As someone originally from California, I jokingly say residents should just leave the state in my previous posts regarding California related products and laws. I know that’s impossible for many due to careers, family, school, weed, etc. Instead, I think more Californians need to rally and vote their leaders out of office. However, since we know that’ll never happen, maybe they should just move.