HK PSA – Palmetto State Armory Building $800 MP5s?

    Nothing gets shooters and collectors salivating more than the lure of affordable HK clones. With build materials alone running close to the $1500 mark, quality complete roller lock guns start at $2K and go up from there. Could these Palmetto State Armory MP5 clones open up the classic sub gun to a whole new demographic of shooters who were previously unable (or unwilling) to pay $3,000 for an HK build? Maybe.

    Price guesses on the PSA MP5s have come in as low as $800, however, I will speculate that a pistol version of an MP5 clone from Palmetto State will run buyers about $1,600. Not inexpensive by any means, but knocking on the door of an “entry level” roller locking clone. There is an emotional decision-making process to buying guns, especially when you’re investing a small fortune in an iconic design. Hit a certain ceiling, and most people will just refuse to pay.

    Further speculation has left people to wonder about material sources and build expertise. After all, assembling an MP5 is not like building an AR15. But Palmetto State has commented on that their new HK-style gun is an original idea and built completely in house. Sources within the industry have indicated that the receiver flats are not made by LSC (common among today’s builders) and the welds don’t appear to be done by HK91 gurus PTR Industries.

    Let’s hope these new guns from PSA are both built and priced well enough to impress new buyers. Details, albeit slim, can be found below.

    Palmetto State Teasing Roller Lock MP5 Clones –

    ”This is a “raw” preview of Shot Show 2018! PSA MP5 clone”

    We do not know who Todd Bailey is and have never talked to him. So, no, neither him nor any company he owns including Omega is involved in this project.”

    “For your second question, this is a completely in-house project we have been working on for a few years. PTR has no involvement in this project.”

    Palmetto State


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