DAA +5 Aluminum Base Pad for PMAG

    DAA (Double-Alpha Academy BV in The Netherlands) have just introduced an aluminum base pad for AR15 PMAGs (Generation 3 magazines).

    Made out of CNC machined billet aluminum and designed with side serrations make the base pads comfortable to hold during reloads. According to DAA, the additional weight added to the tube helps the magazine clear the gun faster during speed reloads.

    The base pads will increase the capacity of your 30 round PMAGs to 35 rounds, plus one. For the PMAG40 you get 46 rounds. You keep Magpul’s original spring from the PMAG.

    Only 16mm (0.7”) or so in tube length is added with the DAA Base pad, but you have the possibility for up to 5 additional rounds. The magazine still suitable for prone shooting.

    My own experience, using similar base pads, is that I prefer to use PMAG 20 + a base pad for prone or other strange shooting positions. I even like PMAG 10s with base pads, but more for long range shooting or for a short stage and the “sportier” looks.

    Reverse compatible with GEN2 PMAGS
    Holds 35+1 rounds on a PMAG30
    Holds 46+1 rounds on a PMAG40

    Yes, I have also noticed the similarities with Taran Tactical’s base pads, link here as a reference.

    However Taran’s products aren’t readily available in Europe but GP Rifle carry some of them.


    The price for the DAA +5 Base pad is around €31.50 and they are available now.

    Eric B

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