BREAKING: SilencerCo’s Waldron And Shultz Step Down From Positions

    Waldron and Shultz

    SilencerCo, as we currently know it, is no more. Or at least changing rapidly. CEO Josh Waldron and President Jonathan Shultz have stepped down from their senior leadership positions of the West Valley based silencer manufacturer. The news comes just weeks after former president Jason Schauble resigned due to family health concerns. Both Waldron and Shultz will stay on at SilencerCo, with Waldron filling the role of Senior Advocacy Adviser. A search for a new CEO is currently underway.

    Once a silencer powerhouse with some of the most talented engineering and design minds in the industry, the company has suffered a series of setbacks over the last few years. Financial concerns lead to waves of layoffs, stalled potential legislative actions and a soft silencer market in 2017 all probably effected SilencerCo’s business operations.

    Where does SilencerCo go from here? We will discuss this topic and more on TFB’s upcoming Silencer Saturday.

    Waldron and Shultz Step down from SilencerCo Positions

    Firearm Suppressor Giant SilencerCo Announces Shift in Leadership –

    January 09, 2018 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

    WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SilencerCo, the nation’s leading designer and manufacturer of firearm suppressors (“silencers”), announced a change in company leadership effective January 3, 2018. Joshua Waldron will step down from his CEO position, and Jonathon Shults will step down from his role as President. Co-founded in a garage in 2008 by Waldron and Shults, SilencerCo has grown to be an industry leader, controlling the majority of sales of firearm suppressors and related accessories. The company has garnered the attention of gun enthusiasts, the business community, and even lawmakers, as Waldron and Shults, and hundreds of dedicated employees, have worked together to perfect their trade while also effecting social awareness of gun rights.

    Mr. Waldron will continue his relationship with SilencerCo as Senior Advocacy Advisor, where he will focus his energy on firearm legislative advocacy, an area in which he excels. Mr. Shults will assume a new role as SilencerCo Chief Operating Officer, where he will oversee day-to-day operations and remain heavily involved in his areas of expertise, including R&D and product innovation. Both Waldron and Shults will serve on the SilencerCo Board to stay involved with the overall direction of the company. They each remain the company’s two largest equity holders.

    Mr. Waldron stated, “After years of grit and hard work, SilencerCo is poised to succeed. It is now time for me to turn my focus to advocacy for the company and its industry. Resigning from my current duties as CEO will allow for more time spent in the legislative arena, furthering the scope and influence of SilencerCo products in the future.” Mr. Shults stated, “SilencerCo is responsible for suppressor industry innovation. As Chief Operating Officer, I look forward to working with our team to ensure that we stay at the forefront of firearm suppressor design and technology.”

    The SilencerCo Board is currently engaged in a search for a CEO and will make an announcement regarding this position as soon as it has been filled.

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